Campus and Business Parks

The university, the business park, the hospital, the military base – wherever people work together, they need to communicate.

This is especially true today, with technology not only speeding up communication, but also changing the way we think about information exchange. It’s about more than words now; it’s about pictures, sound, video – all of which have to be delivered at breakneck speed and with absolute reliability.

As communication becomes the lifeblood of organisations, it must flow to all recipients, be they an entire building’s occupants or a single remote workstation.

Meeting today’s campus/business park requirements is of course important. It provides a simple means to add more fibre, extend the reach of the fibre network, and introduce next-generation fibre, with minimal disruption and at much more manageable cost.

Benefits of in campus/business park applications

  • Reduces upfront investment
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments and buildings
  • Allows quick, non-disruptive network modification, configuration and maintenance
  • Multi-fibre counts possible
  • One tube does it all – a single tube bundle can
  • accommodate all the needs of a campus area, such as telemetry, data, fire-alarm and closed circuit TV
  • Budgets from different departments can be combined to have a shared network
  • The tube bundle accommodates different fibre types for different applications e.g., 50/125 for internal routes and single-mode G652d for external, longer routes
  • Temporary links can be blown out after usage, leaving empty tubes for future needs
  • Fibre can be blown seamlessly from outside to inside environment without splicing