In Building applications

fibreflow in in-building applications

In-building installation and maintenance involve challenges that traditional fibre has difficulty overcoming:

  • space constraints
  • network flexibility
  • safety
  • standards compliance

Emtelle’s solution allows the rapid, cost-effective deployment of single- and multi-mode fibres. Based around a high quality Emtelle fibre unit, the system provides the flexibility and freedom of choice to satisfy broad-based and specific network requirements.

With Emtelle’s solution, tubes can be filled with fibre in any configuration. Besides being convenient, this lets you invest in your network only when investment is justified.

Benefits of in in-building applications

  • Can be installed simply and quickly
  • Reduces upfront investment
  • Allows non-disruptive network modification and maintenance
  • Multi-fibre counts possible
  • Can easily be configured to meet system demands
  • Fire-rated for all optical fibre classes
  • Budgets from different departments can be combined to have a shared network
  • The tube bundle accommodates different fibre types for different applications e.g., 50/125 for internal routes and single-mode G652d for external, longer routes
  • Temporary links can be blown out after usage, leaving empty tubes for future needs