Long Distance

fibreflow™ in long distance applications


Not all high-speed fibre optic networks are confined to well-defined areas such as businesses, campuses, or cities. Often, networks extend across long distances, through inhospitable landscapes and punishing climates. This requires special products, equipment and design elements. With its fibreflow™ solution, Blown Fibre has a great deal of experience in such projects, and offers the technology needed to ensure that the resulting networks perform reliably, no matter how harsh the conditions.

One particularly attractive benefit of such fibre-based networks (one that carries over to other application areas) is that their owners are often hard-pressed to use them to limits and can lease out unused capacity. They therefore not only profit from their network’s high quality, but can also realize profits from its high capacity.

Another big plus of using fibreflow™ in such projects is that the addition of fibre requires minimal work and minimal digging – an important consideration when you’re facing almost vertical hillsides, freezing or sweltering temperatures, or other hazardous conditions. Also, because there is little digging needed, related permit and right of way issues are greatly minimised.

Time constraints are also important. In its long-distance projects, Blown Fibre has supplied all the necessary products on time, often in the face of very demanding delivery schedules. Overcoming such difficult scenarios is what has made Blown Fibre the ideal company – and fibreflow™ the ideal solution- for clients all over the world.



Benefits of fibreflow™ in long-distance applications.

  • Can be installed simply and quickly
  • Reduces upfront investment
  • Suitable for wide range of environments and landscapes
  • Allows non-disruptive network modification and maintenance
  • Multi-fibre counts possible
  • Can easily be configured to meet system demands.
  • Can easily be incorporated into existing infrastructure
  • Excess capacity can be leased out to other organisations
  • On-schedule product delivery in time-critical environment