Network Operators

fibreflow™ and network operators


The increasing popularity of broadband-based services presents network operators with a unique opportunity to reinforce their market presence and generate new revenue. The market is calling out for broadband, which enables a wide array of applications: advanced Internet access, cable TV, video-on-demand, education – and business-based videoconferencing, telemedicine and much more. Network operators have a big advantage at the outset – as trusted and experienced service providers, you are in a position to leap ahead of competitors.

Using fibreflow™, you can greatly extend your role as a broadband service provider, installing connections to homes and businesses in no time at all, with minimal disruption and lowest possible costs. Once in place, these fibre links will offer world-class performance and tremendous flexibility, allowing you both to update your network according to your own needs and resources, and to satisfy market demand with innovative applications. fibreflow™ can provide you with the quick installation methods, and the simple maintenance and upgrade procedures, that will maximize your chances of success in the highly competitive – and highly lucrative – world of broadband.

Benefits of fibreflow™ for network operators.


  • Share capacity with or rent it to other providers
  • Provides increasingly expanding sources of revenue
  • Allows network operators to gain secure foothold in increasingly competitive market
  • Uses already existing infrastructure for quick, lower-cost installation
  • Adaptable to both residential and business development/ customers
  • Pay-as-you-grow – delay installation of fibre until required, reducing initial investment
  • Reduces maintenance and expansion costs.

Case study


With fibreflow™, ComX now provides Triple Play (Voice, Data, Video) services, while enjoying a range of financial benefits- for example, significantly reduced per-meter costs for blowing tubes. In additional, the bundles used are polymer reinforced, so they are much less likely to be damaged. The network configuration itself is extremely flexible, and can easily be developed at a pace that meets the needs of ComX and its customers, which minimises the initial investment burden, add the increased ability to connect new customers and generate immediate revenue, and it’s clear why fibreflow™ was ComX’s preferred choice.