Blown Fibre Installation and Maintenance Training Course (I&M) is designed for network installers who wish to deploy fibre bundles through empty microducts (m/d) by means of compressed air.

Installation and Maintenance Course Features:

  • Courses are limited to small numbers.
  • Clients will receive a comprehensive, easy to follow course manual with clear diagrams and photographs, may of actual installations.
  • Our course include actual products.
  • On our course, you will use a range of equipment and materials you will see in the field.


Overview of I&M Training

The I & M Training Course is intended to be recognised as the standard practice of air blown fibre installation. The I&M training course is design to cover all aspects of training and information regarding air blown fibre installations. However, if any additional information which was not covered in the course should be required, the information can be sourced from our office.  Contact details at the end of this page.


Purpose, Scope and Objectives

The purpose of the I&M training is to train the candidates in fibre bundle installation practices by means of compressed air. The course will include the following;

  •  Health and Safety aspects as they relate to blown fibre bundle (Fibre units) installation
  • Preparation of tube bundles (Protected Microduct Assemblies)
  • Handling, deploying and testing tube bundles
  • Microduct Connectors and Enclosures
  • Installation Procedures
  • Operation of blowing equipment and the maintenance thereof
  • Blowing Techniques
  • Product Code Listings

After completion of the two (2) day course, and if the learner is found competent after evaluation, they will receive Blown Fibre’s Installation and Maintenance Certified Training Certificate.


Training Schedule

The I&M training will be conducted at Blown Fibre’s premises in Alberton, Gauteng or alternatively at the Customer’s premises. An additional fee will be charged for off-site training.  It is imperative to book at least a week in advance. A minimum of six (6) and maximum eight (8) learners per course can be accommodated.

The duration of the course is two (2) days. The first day consists of theory and the second day practical. Appropriate attire is required for practical sessions.


I&M Review

The I&M course will be reviewed annually. If any changes or modifications during this period occur that will have a serious impact on the installation practice or if a safety issue forces an amendment, Blown Fibre will make the necessary changes and will inform all learners or the relevant companies.


Contact details

Please contact our office for enquiries regarding the I&M Training Course.

Tel: +27 (0)11 907 0879