We offer specialised tools so to ensure correct installation performance. The following tools are identified and tested by us for use on microduct products.

Complete Tool Kit


  • Toolbox
  • Sheath Stripper 4.5-40mm
  • Metal free cutter for 1 DB
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Pliers square nose
  • Trimming knife
  • Longitude sheath stripper
  • Rotational sheath stripper
  • Scissors
  • Microduct rounding tool
  • 42mm Heavy duty cutter
  • Screwdriver pack
  • Junior hacksaw
  • Brush
  • Collet locking tool
  • Primary tube cutter

shearsPlastic Shears

50mm OD Microducts


Rotational Sheath Stripper

Suitable for microduct from 12,, to 44mm


Logitude Sheath Stripper

Stripping outer sheaths of microduct without damage  (Window Cut)


Primary Tube Cutter

This tool gives a clean, straight cut to primary tube

FCL – K5 High Precision Cleaver

FCL – K5 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. K5 can be installed with a variety of holders for ribbon cable up to 12 fibers as well as universal holder which is applicable to 250um, 900um, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable.

Work efficiency can be maximized with easy and simple 2 step operations.

Type Single fiber and ribbon fiber
Cladding Diameter 125um
Cleaved Length Single fiber: 8~20mm / Ribbon fiber: 10mm
Applicable Fiber Cable Single fiber: 250um, 900um, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable Ribbon fiber: 2 to 12 ribbon fiber cable
Typical Cleaved Angle Less than 0.5 Degrees
Typical Blade Life Span Total 48,000 fiber cleaves (1,000 fiber for 1 step * total 16 points * 3 heights)
Operation Steps 2 Steps
Reclaim Function Blade pushback
Holder Single: Universal holder / Ribbon: Replaceable holder

HTF-KC-1 Kevlar Cutter

  • Lightweight Shears ideal for cutting Kevlar strength members found in fibre optic cable construction.
  • Ergonomic moulded handles provide comfort for both right and left-handed users.
  • One micro – serrated blade reduces slippage for more positive cutting action.
  • Blades made from high carbon molybdenum and vanadium steel for long life.
  • Kc-1 available with nylon pouch with belt loop.
  • Length 140mm, Weight 70g

HTF-TFS-392 Tri-Hole Fibre Optic Stripper 

TFS-392 – fibre optic 3-way stripper is the ideal tool for stripping 125-micron glass fibres with 250-micron buffer coating without scratching or nicking the glass fibre.

HTF-HW-45 Mid-Span Access Tool (Ø1.5~Ø3.3mm)

  • Fibre optic cable jacket slitter is an efficient and indispensable tool for fibre optic cable termination
  • It easily slits the PVC cable jacket into two haves before crimping, in both field and plant applications, time is saved, and consistency is resulted with this precise and innovative tool
  • Tool size(mm):50×40×20; Weight: 35g – Cable can be processed:

a.(Ø1.5~Ø1.9mm);           b.(Ø2.0~Ø2.4mm);

c.(Ø2.5~Ø2.9mm);           d.(Ø3.0~Ø3.3mm).

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer FSM-FBT-18S

FBT-18S is an optical fibre splicing device with a brand-new design. With powerful functions and super low splicing loss, it is highly competent for construction of trunk lines and FTTX. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to use even in confined space. The novel fibre imaging system makes the image clearer. The real-time embedded Operating System provides a friendly man-machine interface and abundant functions. The built-in large capacity Li-Ion battery can support long-time field work. The real-time compensation system for temperature, humidity and air pressure has greatly enhanced the device against unfavourable environment changes and thus guarantees its consistency of low loss splicing in various environments.

Main Features:            

Core to core digital alignment Hand-held, Small, Light Industrial standard screen Various colours are available 8s splicing time, 26s tube heating time 5800mAh and pluggable Li-battery, Typical 200 cycles ARC calibrated by temperature and air pressure automatically and switching on windshield and heater in 4 steps.


As fibre optics plays a more and more important role in modern telecommunication and CATV networks, the requirements to the construction, test and maintenance of fibre optics links also become more prominent. BF-HW-358T is a unique product mainly designed for construction and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV networks. BF-HW-358T can be widely used in engineering construction, maintenance test and emergency repair of all fibre optics related systems. Comparing with a regular OTDR, BF-HW-358T is more compact in size and easier for field use.

BF-HW-358T handheld design, compact and lightweight, easy to carry. Event information through TFT colour display and data storage capabilities. Through the USB interface, the test data can be uploaded to the PC, to facilitate the post-processing, archiving and printing.

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